If you are seeing this post it’s because you have found me on my new web hosting. I was having a lot of serious problems with my prior hosting company with the blog frequently down. My apologies to any of you who have not been able to access the content smoothly. In some respects it has been because the blog has had more readers than the package I had paid for could cope with, but in other instances it was just poor service. Anyway I am now using Websynthesis which appears from many credible accounts is a good solution, designed specifically for hosting WordPress blogs like this. Hopefully it will prove to be more stable and scalable.

I have been holding off on a lot of posts because I knew the site was so flakey, so I will start to get the back-log cleared shortly. Thank you all for your patience and hopefully it’s onwards and upwards from here!

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  • Good luck w/ the new host! Getting that stuff straightened out can be a big pain.

    • MilesAbound

      Thanks Nick and yes the prior hosting was a real pain. One thing I learned from it is the web hosting business is even murkier than the credit card business with affiliate commissions all over the place meaning poor quality products are getting pimped