UFB abruptly removes AA mileage debit card accounts




Update: As pointed out to me by someone far smarter than I, this only applies to the savings account. For now!

I have read on countless occasions that if you want to release bad news, you do it on a Friday afternoon so nobody really notices over the weekend. Well UFB seem to have taken  that idea to the extreme. UFB had one of the last mileage earning debit cards which earned 1 AA mile for every $2 spent. Well that is now gone, effective immediately:

Dear Valued Customer,
Thank you for banking with UFB Direct Airline Rewards Savings. This notice is being provided to all customers to inform you of an upcoming change to our product name and features. Beginning February 28th 2014, UFB Airline Rewards Savings will become known as “UFB Savings” and will no longer offer the airline rewards feature.
This name and product change will not have any adverse effects on your account whatsoever due to the fact that you have already received the maximum amount of airline rewards points available for your savings account.
You can visit us anytime at www.ufbdirect.com to view additional information about our wide range of products and services that we have available to meet your banking needs.
Thank you for choosing UFB Direct. We appreciate your business, and commit to delivering the value that will make us your first choice for all of your banking needs.
Customer ServiceUFB Direct


And so there we have it, with no notice at all, that one is gone. I am not really surprised, mileage earning debit cards are not really sustainable and this follows the path of the Bank of America Alaskan Airlines card that is ending in May. I have no doubt that other one we all know and love is on life support too.

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  • shaky02dd

    Is it possible they only mean the savings, not the checking? They’re two separate accounts I believe, though people usually sign up for both.

    • MilesAbound

      Shaky this was my mistake it does only apply to the savings account