Hey folks! I’m back!!! Yes, things sure have been quiet around here lately… those of you that know me personally know that my life has been somewhat crazy over the past 6 months or so and so the blog has taken a back seat. But what better way than to come out of retirement than a new Banana Republic deal!?

“They” say in this circle of ours that to justify having a blog you need a niche. Well seems my niche is how to get the most out of your Banana Republic card. And while this one is definitely not as much fun as the original Banana Republic deal, which continues to this day to be one of my favorite deals and frankly funniest story tell, it is a pretty good deal.

The card is offering a targeted offer of 3x points on all transactions outside of Banana Republic/Gap brands from now until 5/31/2015. If you already have the card and you are interested, check your email or call customer service and see if you can get it added.

Now I know 3x is not 5x but the nice thing is the 3x will work anywhere that is not a Banana Republic/Gap brand, so a nice option for other MS tricks that can often only utilize 1x or 2x earning rates (such as the various Buxx programs if you still have cards that are alive, or Amex gift cards via portals). Personally I will probably go quite big on this using Amex gift cards via TopCashBack. With a cash back rate hovering around 1.5% that more than covers the MS costs so should be a nice way to rack up a few hundred bucks in free clothes from Banana Republic, Gap, Athleta (well probably not for me lol), Old Navy etc.

I wonder if I can get a job as a Banana Republic model?

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  • jettyboy

    Glad to see you back! Was wondering about your absence just the other day…

    • MilesAbound

      Thanks!! Good to be back 🙂

  • Chad

    Seems like the Vanilla and Bird might be the way to go…. $30 BR credit for every $11 spent on Vanilla =$19.

    • MilesAbound

      With Amex GC you can make it basically $33 for every $1k “spent”. I like to use my birds for other things 🙂

      • ABC

        Where do you use your bird?
        Must be outside of NC.

        • Philip Hall

          My birds are still Blue and they get fed by ST at WM

  • travis

    Great that you are back.

    How do you cash out Amex gc? Amex GC->Visa GC-> MO?

    • MilesAbound

      Thanks! Yes that’s exactly what I’m doing

  • T.

    Hey was wondering if you got this. Mine is 5X at grocery stores and I’m planning on hitting it hard. Grocery stores are a bit harder to manage, but I’m willing to make it work 🙂

    • MilesAbound

      5x is nice… I like being able to do anywhere though and open up Buxx/AGC 🙂

  • Chad

    In for 5k thus far…hoping to do about $20k before end of May. I did notice that the 3x points do not instantly show up. Anyone else seeing this? I just get the normal $1 x 1 point on my bill.

    • MilesAbound

      On the last promo run all the extra points posted in one go after the end of the promo