When you make a booking with points at the Conrad Maldives you get access to their base room type which they call a Beach Villa. There are then options to pay to upgrade to one of their higher category rooms with cash, with prices varying depending on the season and frankly I’d guess your negotiation skills.

While the “Beach Villa” name might suggest an independent unit, they are actually arranged in a series of terraced buildings, so in our case with one of the middle units we had neighbors directly adjoining either side. This is definitely not as nice and peaceful as the equivalent base property at the Park Hyatt Maldives. In spite of that the room itself was nice and tastefully decorated:


Master bed

Couch made as kids bed and additional rollaway

Table with Diamond welcome amenity

Desk area

The room layout is a little interesting… the main bed and sitting area is separated from the bathroom area by a – somewhat pointless – open air space. I believe as part of the subsequent refresh of the property something was put here but from our perspective it was just an odd bit of wasted space.

Is it a garden? Or a waste of space?

Stylish TV

This is for Ramsey

As with it seems every other property in the Maldives there is a Nespresso coffee maker, which I love – we have a couple of these at home and they make fantastic coffee:

Nespresso coffee maker

Now the bathroom looked pretty nice but it had a very serious issue – it was not air conditioned. And given the location of ours it had the sun beating down on it most of the day. So frankly the bathroom was really pretty hard to make any use of. I had met a reader a few months earlier out on a ski trip in Utah who had mentioned and warned us of this and he was not joking. Again I think something has been done to address this in the refresh that occurred when the property closed after our visit, but for us the bathroom was a major let down.

Looks pretty, but no good without air con

However the outside shower was nice and something I enjoyed

Same air con as bathroom, with addition of natural breeze ๐Ÿ™‚

Beyond the outdoor shower was a “pavilion” with an outdoor bath, but frankly we did not make much use of this. However I can see this could be very enjoyable and might have been more fun if it were just us as a couple rather than having the kids on tow.

Outdoor pavilion

As mentioned up-top the villas are in a terraced building but with each one having a “private” entry at the end of a short path shared with the next door neighbor.

Pathway leading up to the beach villa

MilesAbound Jnr making himself part of the furtniture

Pathway to the main reception area from the beach villas

Overall I have to say that while the beach villa was pretty nice, it was a bit disappointing in comparison with the base beach villa you get at the Park Hyatt. The fact that the villas are terraced, there really is no beach or water view at all, the space-wasting “garden” in the middle of the room and the major air con issue in the bathroom all added up to not really being that happy with the base room. I think with some of the tweaks that have been made post the recent property refurbishment and without maybe the expectation that the Park Hyatt had created the base beach villa could be a great option, however in our case we decided very soon after arriving that we would upgrade 5 of our 7 nights into one of the water villas and see if that hit the spot better for us. Next up my review of that villa type…. so let’s see if it fares better!?

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  • AJK

    Any chance we can get the next installment sooner then another 3 months? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • MilesAbound

      Already written up ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be posting it tomorrow



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    • MilesAbound


  • PatMike

    Yup, we had same the experience and same conclusion. Spent 1 night there and the next 7 (2 AXONS) in a spa OWB, the highlight of which was they did not charge us the additional upsell! Score !

    • MilesAbound

      Awesome! You were very lucky to get the free upgrade… not unheard of but definitely rare!

  • Ryan

    Thanks for the update! I always assumed that the beach villas were independent structures. For cash customers, the strangest part is that Conrad’s beach villas are twice the price of PH’s water villas. Very curious to read your comparison of the OWV’s.

    • MilesAbound

      I’d always assumed the same. The terraced building was a huge letdown, made me feel more like I was in Cancun than an apparent “six star” hotel in Maldives. However I will preview by saying the Over Water Villas are in a different league

  • PatMike

    There are 2 types of beach villas; basic like in this review, and deluxe, which have a private pool. While I prefer an OWB, I have talked to other people who loved the Deluxe beach villas, which seemed especially for good for families.

    • MilesAbound

      I considered the deluxe beach villa but after checking them out didn’t find them too enticing. The over water villas are much nicer