After our short but pleasant stopover in Abu Dhabi we took the relatively short flight from Abu Dhabi to Male in the Maldives. While I was able to get all four of us in business class which is a rare find on Etihad, this was a pretty ordinary flight on one of Etihad’s regionally configured planes so I will not be giving a detailed flight report. You can read my prior experience of Etihad’s regional business class here.

However the transfer from Male to the Conrad Maldives itself is worth a write up. While getting to the Park Hyatt in the far south of the Maldives is quite an adventure, the transfer to the Conrad is a far more casual and luxurious affair. Rather than walk over to the domestic terminal, we were whisked away in a nice air conditioned van to the nearby sea-plane transfer terminal. On arrival there we shown to the exclusive lounge for  guest of Conrad Maldives:

Nice lounge

Awesome seating and views

As well as very nice and comfortable seating, there was a good spread of food:

Very British looking sandwiches

Nicely presented

More food…

We were handed cold towels which were really welcome after having stood quite a while in the non-air-conditioned immigration hall. We were also offered a complimentary massage treatment. While we declined, my young daughter had come to the Maldives with a mission:

This girl knows what she wants!

So she took the chance to cross number 3 off of her bucket list!!

Of course one of the real highlights was being able to check out all the cool sea-planes, so with no further-ado here is a little aviation-porn from the lounge:


Enjoying the view!

Conrad painted seaplane

We did not have to wait long before we were called up for our flight. I have never flown a seaplane before so it was very exciting! Definitely felt like a weird cross between a boat and an airplane, but all a lot of fun.

Up we go!

Enjoying the view

And before we knew it, we were landed at the Conrad. The flight took about 25-30 minutes. We basically got to the Conrad within about 2 hours of our international flight landing which was awesome!

Our ride after arriving!

So the transfer experience was very enjoyable and certainly set a great tone for the rest of the vacation. Next up, details of the stay at the Conrad….

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  • Was at the Conrad Maldives back in December. Amazing place – albeit a VERY long trip to get there…. don’t think I’d go back, but was a trip of a lifetime, enjoy