Following on from my previous post about targeted Discover cash back offers, a couple of others have shown up that are worth a mention. Unfortunately once again these are targeted so not much I can do if it doesn’t work for you, but hopefully some will:

$50 For Opening a Checking Account

Check your email and snail mail for this one. Both my wife and I got this. Minimum funding is only $25 (no credit card funding) and it appears to be a genuinely fee-free checking account with free debit cards and checks. There is a mobile deposits app, MS friends will appreciate that, let’s see how the limits work out. I will also say that the sign up process for this checking account was hands down the easiest I have ever seen from any bank anywhere. Absolutely seamless. If it works for you it is worth signing up just so you can see how other banks should work if they invested a little time and money in their IT.

5% (or maybe just 2%) Cashback at Chevron/Texaco Gas Stations Q1

Try this link to see if you get 5% or 2% (for transactions up to $250) at Chevron or Texaco. Hat-tip to SlickDeals for this one.

$150 Sign Up Bonus

This has been around for a while, but worth reminding people of. If you don’t have a Discover card and are salivating over the cash they like to hand out on a frequent basis, you can get a new one using the sign up link below (not an affiliate link, this does not pay me any commission) and you will earn $150 in extra cash back after spending $750 in 3 months.

$150 Sign Up Application Link

Indeed even if you do have a card, it appears you can have two Discover cards at the same time. But no more than two.


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