New toy… AccountNow prepaid card

This just arrived in the post today. These can be loaded using the ReloadIt cards I can buy at the local grocery store for 6% cash back or 6x Hilton points using my Amex cards at a cost of $4.95 per $500. Unloading should be straightforward:

Send checks to your cleaner, gardener, spouse, kids, self….

As with all the other pre-paids, go safe and steady, varied amounts and you might keep it going a little while. Will report on how this one goes along.

This one has no monthly fee on the Pay-as-you-go plan and the check service is also free, so this beats NetSpend in that regard. I will go back to using Vanilla packs for NetSpend, and use this as the outlet for ReloadIt packs going forward.


  1. This is very interesting. Have you written semi big checks yet? ie. like rent(around 1K mark?) What are you test cases with this?

    • MilesAbound says:

      This card I only just got. On NetSpend biggest check I have done is around $600. My guess is frequent use of big checks will get you shut down quick

  2. Another thing. Notice the ReloadIt cards say Cash Only, how are you able to buy them? Quite different from Vanilla Cards from OD with no such restrictions.

    • MilesAbound says:

      Dont always believe what it says on the tin. If they insist on cash just say you didn’t notice that so you’ll pass for now. Plenty of places allowing purchase with credit card

  3. In my area eastern MA, I have tried grocery stores and gas stations for the Reloadit, they have all told me I needed to buy w/cash only.

    • MilesAbound says:

      That is unfortunate. Which grocery stores? I was able to buy at Harris Teeter and Kroger here in NC. I know it is hit and miss – in California I have heard reports both ways

  4. The AccountNow web site shows no monthly fee for the “Classic” Visa…but they charge $1.00 per transaction! The “Gold” Visa has no monthly fee if you load more than $2500 a month (which I would easily plan to do for fake spending). Both versions allow no fee online check writing. Sweet.

    MilesAbound, Which version did you go with?

    • MilesAbound says:

      I went for the classic as my plan was to load a little and then use the free online check writing to unload. But I may actually go for the Gold version as I find it interesting they are rewarding $2,500 per month in loads. Compared to say NetSpend which appears to cap out once you have loaded $15k this one appears to actually be encouraging high loads. I could conceivably use this one to pay my mortgage.

  5. thegasguru says:

    Any further reports on AccountNow?

    I finally found a grocery store that sells Reloadit cards… They are very hard to find in Ohio. I bought one for $500, and waited for my AccountNow Gold Visa to arrive in the mail. After nearly 2 weeks, it still hadn’t arrived. Called cust serv, they sent another one. Arrived 3 biz days later. But the Reloadit card wouldn’t load! called cust serv again… very difficult to actually reach a human, btw… and they said my Reloadit card was only good for PayPower, not AccountNow. wtf??? Nowhere is that specified on the packaging or on the Reloadit Web Site that a specific Reloadit card is only good for a specific prepaid debit card. Sheesh.

    So now my question is… how reliable is PayPower? I want to find a way to up my credit card spend by loading a prepaid card, then writing online “checks” to my payees who don’t take Amex, or who don’t take credit cards at all. Of course I will mix in some regular spend as well on the card. But I don’t want to get hassled and arbitrarily shut down like with NetSpend.

    Any advice? Have you heard of others experience with PayPower? I was bummed to read your recent post about PayPower not allowing the grocery store cash back transaction. Let me know what experience you’ve heard about. Thanks!

  6. Curious for an update on this too. Thanks!

  7. Just bought a reloadit card…was $4..your post says $5

  8. Wondering if there is a followup post to this anywhere?


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