So you may have noticed that this week my #MileMadness fell over a cliff and I went from being out front to pretty much at the back. What on earth happened? Well first of all I had a ski trip over the weekend and that made MS pretty hard. Not impossible, I did manage a couple of quick pit stops, but in general the focus of that weekend was having fun on the slopes with my family.

Then on the way home I had a significant event that meant I was going to be frankly just too busy and focused on other stuff for the rest of the week to be able to MS. And indeed I have simply not had the time since to do any kind of MS. And with a huge Maldives vacation coming up on Wednesday and a lot to get through before then, I think at this point my total is my final total!

I don’t think I would have published anything more insightful had this not have occurred… so far out of three interviews on Saverocity, I have been voted most boring on all three 🙂 (And one was by me). You’d have seen a whole lot more gift card churning between the nation’s two largest grocery stores and a very popular pharmacy store, all earning 5x. I think where things will get more interesting will be at the #MileMadness do in Charlotte in May, where I plan to talk a little about one of my more unique tricks, in the hope that will help people attending to think about how to MS “outside the box”. This will be an opportunity to look at MS in a more intelligent manner than I think you can do in a blog post where people generally look for quick info on how to do something.

So in the meantime good luck to the rest of the contestants and y’all can look forward to my one millionth Maldives trip report… bet y’all can’t wait 🙂

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  • jettyboy

    if I might ask, how much vacation time do you get?! Have a great trip!

    • MilesAbound

      Ha actually I just get 20 days a year like most folks… it’s been a bit more front loaded this year than most but we don’t yet have anything big planned for the summer. I will have used up half my vacay in the first quarter, so will probably not take a big summer vacay this year.

  • ABC

    Be happy with what you get and enjoy going somewhere relaxing. I only have 3 more weeks left on my 5x Preferred. And there will finally be a cap on my Cash+ card starting April 1st.

    • MilesAbound

      “Be happy with what you get” you have no idea how accurate that statement is 🙂 Meanwhile I still have a few months left when I get back to hammer the Citi card…

  • John T

    You’re right, I can’t wait for your next Maldives trip report!

    And while you’re sitting on the beach with your iPad you can work on the Spend Guide, especially since there won’t be any very popular pharmacy stores within about, what, 9000 miles?

    • MilesAbound

      LOL yes I need to get that going. Gift cards up next, though it really is pretty easy – gift cards have PINs, PINs mean you can use them to buy money orders. Post over! 🙂

  • travis

    What’s your opinion on the new amex everyday card?

    For grocery spending, the best thing available in RTP area is the $500 visa/master gc at $5.95 cost? any better options?