#MileMadness Day 4: Getting Back on Track in a New World

The world's friendliest Walmart in the shadow of Mt-Rose

Today was a travel day for me – heading out West to California. Today was roughly split as traveling, then MSing, then business matters. I flew into Reno, Nevada, a city I have never even thought of in the past but based on my very brief visit today seems to be some hidden idyllic paradise: situated under the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains in the shadow of the imposing Mount Rose ski resort, a city that seemed full of very beautiful and friendly people. Sadly it only has one OfficeMax, and that OfficeMax had exactly 3 $200 gift cards, and obviously when I left it had no more. Fortunately the place was littered with Walmarts and I duly went to further my hobby of collecting money orders. One of the WM’s was so nice they gave me an envelope to put “all those money orders in”. Can you f***ing believe it?

The world's friendliest Walmart in the shadow of Mt-Rose

The world’s friendliest Walmart in the shadow of Mt-Rose

I obviously blew well through my bankroll today, I spent healthy five figure numbers, but for the purposes of the contest this is all that counts (remember my bankroll was down to around $4k due to yesterday’s ice storm)

$600 Office Max for 3k free Ultimate Rewards (the cards were sold to Walmart for Money Orders within less than an hour)
$2k CVS Vanilla Reloads sent to Bluebird … yawn
$1.something k in Money Orders with Alaskan. I bought about $10k en route to South Lake Tahoe, some I deposited along the way and others will travel back with me. I will work out exactly how much of my bankroll was left and include that

Still not massively lucrative, the first $2.6k was at 5x so around 13k points earned but the Alaskan card is just a 0.5 multiplier. I think to win this contest you need a batting average above 20k per day so I am still way off that pace.

So having said that let me go out on a limb and start making predictions for week one…. the one guy who has said jack sh*t in all this, MileageUpdate, I predict will be top of the table. I am going to put BengaliMilesGuru Tashir in second place. I think a lot of us could compete with him but he got a nice run on the OfficeMax gig and he doesn’t seem to mind risking it all on the big multiplier cards. I then think there will be a thick pack of also-rans where I guess I will be in the middle of. And then a small pack of “what the f**k am I doing in this contest” folks at the bottom. I have my thoughts but not so nice to name names at the bottom end of the pile.

There you have it, probably completely wrong, but that is where my money is.

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  • http://www.chasingthepoints.com ChasingThePoints

    From the looks of it, I believe I already fall in the latter group, at the bottom.

  • GiddyforPoints

    10 hr work days are totally getting in the way of me taking the gold ;) So I feel like I’m going to be in the bottom this week…or the whole tournament lol

  • Bruce chu

    You do realize that every time you say “Alaskan” you show everyone that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, right?

  • http://themilesprofessor.com The Miles Professor

    12 hour workdays here, hehe… after this, I will publish a self-help book called “MSing on 15 minutes a day”