#MileMadness Day 3: Life gets in the way

I managed to get the day off to a decent start, picking up $1k at the grocer via my stackable deal there en route home after dropping my boy off at school, but I knew I had a very busy work day ahead of me after that. And so it was and I did not finish until around 7pm at which point Raleigh was once again under siege from rain and snow. For those of you living under rocks this is what happens when snow hits Raleigh:



So despite the fact I knew the OfficeMax fiasco was fixed, I really don’t think the points are worth risking life and limb for. Worse still is I was not able to unload the $1k I bought in the morning so now I have a small haul for the day AND are smaller bank role for Day 4. Maybe next time we can run this in summer? :)

Also just one note to add about my Day 2 spend. I bought $2k’s worth of Visa Gift Cards and liquidated them through Evolve by paying my mortgage (sadly, I have a rather large mortgage). I thought this was in-bounds but Elena made a comment and I checked with the judges and this is not allowed as the money has to come back to you. So I’ve agreed with the judges I can “swap” that out by repeating the same MS but liquidating via money orders. In practice you should always liquidate using the method that is most efficient to you, so in this case the mortgage payment was definitely the most efficient as it costs nothing and I can do it from the comfort of my armchair. But for the spirit of the competition which means true money “recycling” I need to get that money back in the bankroll. I also had some other options because over the weekend I did more than the reported MS here – hey I am like a dog chasing a ball at Walmart Money Center, each time they give me money orders I can’t help myself from asking for more :)

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  1. Giddy for Points says:

    Well at least you taught me about Evolve :) I can now pay mtg/car pmts using Visas like you did down the road…so Thanks!!

    • MilesAbound says:

      Yeah it is absolutely fantastic for real bills. My mortgage is with a very obscure lender but they had it in their system. It was actually under a totally different name (the lender is RBC Bank USA which is a small US sub of the big Canadian bank, they used to be big here in the USA before selling most of their operations to PNC – they were in the system as “Central Loan Processing” which is the name of the servicer that handles payments). Anyway if you can’t find what you are looking for reach out to them. And there are definitely ways of cycling money through this product but I have not quite homed in on it yet, but am getting closed.

  2. marathon man says:

    see in the north east we have these things called SNOW TIRES and I can MS all day long

  3. How are you able to get around the 1k limit and pay larger mortgage payments through evolve? Doesn’t it get applied to the principle?

  4. mittenfingerz says:

    hey if you do figure out how to cycle money, let us know, ok?

    I’ve gotten to the point where a pool of drool is forming on my desk from sitting there and staring at the list of payees!

  5. Daraius, my wife and I have both have Bluebird accounts. In what way can Evolve, Paypal, and Netspend be utilized?

  6. My wife and I have both have Bluebird accounts. In what way can Evolve, Paypal, and Netspend be utilized?

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