#MileMadness Day 2: OfficeMax Clusterf***

Enough said really. How f**ing hard can it be to have a promo that works the way it’s supposed to? Fortunately we are not tracking gas as I must have spent a fortune driving across town. More importantly I wasted hours of time. This aim to create efficiency, diversity and originality is a PIA. I am sorely tempted to just do $5k with my Citi 5x at CVS every single day from here on in….

In the end did $1k at my grocer again (super efficient as I was able to unload in store via money order and deposit at the in branch bank ATM), then did $2k of $200’s at Staples which I’m unloading through Evolve, and $2k more at CVS with Vanilla’s. My regular cashier asked “you’re not doing 10 today?”. Sums it up really. Went to Walmart too to unload some other GC’s I have (hey I don’t have to limit myself to $5k!) and couldn’t resist some MO’s either. I need to work on my totals as I went over my bankroll so I will have to factor down my amounts to account for that, but all told think I earned about $240-250 on the FMV basis.

From here on in I think the focus will be to simplify and focus on 1-2 strategies per day. No accounting for OfficeMax type situations though…

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  • marathon man

    I was up skiing all weekend so missed this one and the nearest OM is too far to bother anyway. But hey, as much as I wish promos worked as they should, I will admit that if they did, the famed and fortunating Citi TYP, for one, would not exist!

    • MilesAbound

      Touche! Hope the snow was good… joining MilesPointsAndMaiTais in Heavenly on Wednesday and looks like it’s filling up with lots of white stuff!

      • http://milespointsandmaitais.com Michelle S (Miles, Points, and Mai Tais)

        The kid at In-n-out (where I took my lunch break today) gave me a good report and said the snow was awesome! He skied Heavenly and Kirkwood yesterday :)

  • MarkD

    The worst part about the OfficeMax fiasco was that the same thing happened last time as well when they had the gift card $15 deal.

    When the clerk was balking at ringing up the order for Michelle of MilesPointsAndMaiTais I reminded her that they gave out $30 credits last time.

    They wanted to take the easy way out and have us come back later. No way!

  • Elena G

    How do you unload through Evolve…you can only pay your bills through here. Am I missing something?

    • MilesAbound

      You were right… I thought BillPay through evolve was ok but judges confirmed no so my bad, but I have a couple of options with them to “replace” that spend with alternatives like other MS I did that day or repeating similar trick but liquidating through MO’s. It is clear to me there ARE ways of cycling money through Evolve and I am working on some tests to find my route through

  • Ramsey

    Don’t fret, the clerk assured me that they are working TIRELESSLY on solving the OfficeMax phukup.

    • MilesAbound

      poor clerks! seems now it’s fixed. their guys on twitter were pretty good

  • turbo

    New to the whole idea of MS and I’m finding it fascinating. Do the cashiers ever ask questions and what do you say if they do?

    • marathon man


    • MilesAbound

      I’ve never had anyone ask me to be honest.

  • robert Hanson

    Moved as much cl off of my HH Res card to a new AA Exec cc at Recon as they would let me. Called back to cancel the HH Res, as they refused to do that during Recon. The CSR tried to convince me to keep it. His final attempt was to point out it gets 3X points on “spending in Drug Stores”. Of course, it gets 3X on all non-bonused spending. Wonder why he singled out Drug Stores. :)

    • MilesAbound

      Citi reps are truly clueless! (Except the exec office and retention guys)

  • travis

    The officemax thing is frustrating! I went to the one in Durham around noon on Sunday and they didn’t have any.

    btw, what bank do you use that allow you deposit MO at ATM? I remember trying to BBT and it didn’t work. BOA used to allow mobile deposit of MO, but not any more.

    Best luck with the competition. Citi preferred will help you to win it!

    • MilesAbound

      I deposit MO’s at the ATM’s of PNC, BofA, SunTrust and First Citizens. They all work great. PNC is a bit flakey. BofA is real easy.

      Competition has been tough so far with circumstances… with the snow and icy rain here I got stuck tonight so today is almost a right off. Will catch up soon!

    • ABC

      I never find any $200 at that location. Sometimes I find $100.
      Same with the OM in Apex.

  • Elaine

    “I am sorely tempted to just do $5k with my Citi 5x at CVS every single day from here on in….”

    I just dabble in MS in part because I worry that spending as above will catch the ire of the CC companies. Does this type of spending set up red flags? Could you really do this without jeopardizing your CITI card/relationship?

    • marathon man

      Elaine I am actually at the point where if I do NOT put $5k a day on a CVS transaction on my Citi card, among other things in that same day, Citi is wondering why not.

    • MilesAbound

      I think MM is one end of the spectrum and yea at that end people are doing $5k+ a day on cards like the Citi 5x. These are people with very high tolerance for risk, time to do the MS and time to deal with the issuer in the event they close the card. There were several cases of people (really) being shutdown by Citi but after the initial flurry they seem to have stopped and since then people have gone BIG.

      That said most people should be careful. I got a couple of friends into this recently one using the Old Amex Blue. There is a real risk if they go too hard too fast Amex could shut them down, so I think people definitely need to ease into it and find the groove they are comfortable with

      • marathon man

        I would think anyone who goes into say, Amex Blue and blasts it right away with $5-10k charges is gonna get nabbed by Amex pretty quickly. It is good to ramp up and work over time as this is a no exp 5x card. With Citi, yes there was a witchunt last may but even I ramped up over time, at one point thinking $40k spend was a lot whereas now I am pushing 7-10x that. The theory? You go hard til you cant. Olympic MS.

      • Elaine

        Thanks for the additional info!