For the first week I provided daily updates on the #MileMadness competition, but things have been very busy and I figured y’all would be pretty bored reading about me going from one CVS to another all week.

So anyway these numbers are yet to be “audited” but my estimates on the weekly haul are:

121,879 total miles/points earned

  • 115,225 Citi Thank You Points
  • 2,649 Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • 2,001 AA Advantage Miles
  • 1,004 Barclays Arrival Points
  • 1,000 Delta SkyMiles

$1,379 total profit earned (value of miles after fees of $236.07)

This week was a challenging week with business trips to Texas and New York but I still managed to get decent amounts in. On each day I managed to use an average of 84% of my available bankroll. My bankroll is steadily declining as my strategy is to focus on high earnings rather than minimizing fees. That is reflected in the high concentration of Citi Thank You Points in this week’s total as I have focused most of my spending on my big gun Citi 5x card. When you can earn 5x on your base spending it really offset the affect of the fees. At 1-2x I think you really need to be either just meeting minimum spend or using other techniques to reduce the costs.

I had a great albeit very rushed MS trip with TheMilesProfessor in New York City and she helped point me to a couple of Vanilla loaded CVS stores that were very MS friendly. New York City is a real waste-land for MS so this is really helpful information. I am making it my mission to be the most social of all the contestants, following on from last’s week fun trip with MilesPointsAndMaiTais.

For next week I am facing another daunting week of travel. We are heading to Park City again to ski tomorrow for three days. We’ll be staying at the Hyatt Escala Lodge, my first time staying at a Hyatt since I lucked out on the Hyatt card that comes with Diamond status back in November. I have already been checking out the locality to see how I can maintain my MS’ing! (No CVS in sight but there is a Walmart we always frequent for food and it’s next door to a Staples, so I just paid off my Ink Plus Visa). Then in mid-week it will be back up to NYC and another chance to meet up with TheMilesProfessor and Matt from Saverocity. Then next weekend I have to scoot over to London as we are selling our old house there, before the final week where I will be heading off to the Maldives for the one millionth time!

Some of the days led to some challenges, I came up against the  CVS $5k in 24 hours issue one day, and had a couple of days where I was maxing out my Citi credit limit. But this did lead me to some more creative and frankly fragile methods to keep the momentum going. With all the travel I have lined up this month, I am going to have to keep that creativity going!

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  • travis

    citi thankyou is really helpful.

    hopefully it can last.

  • Rick

    This competition is fascinating! Could you share different strategies for liquidating?

  • Scott

    Mind sharing what Citi 5% card you are using? Have fun in Park City, just got back from the Hyatt Escala myself where I used my free Hyatt night from the Hyatt Visa. Can’t go wrong with the $65 annual fee for a room that costs $400+ in peak ski season.