So on the topic of change, see how the world of Mileage Running has changed in less than 3 years:

Mileage Running, Circa late 2010

  • Round-trip flight to Las Vegas with overnight accommodation courtesy of Amazing $300 Screw Up – total cost $20
  • Out of pocket expenses on the road: ~$30 between airport parking, transfers and bits and pieces
  • Total cost $50
  • Total time taken from leaving home to getting back: ~24 hours
  • Total miles earned about 12,700 redeemable and 8,466 qualifying thanks to DBEQM and redeemable promo

Mileage Running, Circa Early 2013

  • Load up Wells Fargo pre-paid (soon to be dead). Cost $5
  • Drive to Wells-Fargo drive through ATM to start unloading it. Cost $0
  • Drive to Wal-Mart to buy some money orders with Delta SunTrust card and the Wells Fargo pre-paid. Cost $0.55 per money order
  • Drive to some other banks to deposit said money orders. Cost $0
  • Drive to CVS to buy Vanilla reloads. Cost $3.95 per $500 load
  • Repeat for as many CVS stores in close vicinity 🙂
  • Drive to Harris Teeter to buy Reloadit cards. Cost $3.95 per $500 load
  • Drive back home, 10 minutes on computer unloading all the cards and paying the funding credit cards
  • Total cost: somewhere between $0.55 and $7.90 per 1,000 miles
  • Total time taken from leaving home to getting back: ~1 hour
  • Total miles earned: depends on where you draw your lines 🙂

Which version do you like best!?