This has now expired and is no longer available

Currently Discover Deals is offering 10% cashback on purchases at The terms & conditions explicitly allow cashback when purchasing or using gift cards so you can double dip by first buying gift cards and earn 10% cashback, and then go again and make a purchase using the gift card for another 10% cashback. Under the current DiscoverIT double all your cash back promotion, the 20% earned will be doubled at the end of the promotion year for a grand total of 40% cashback on any Sears purchases. This is a fantastic opportunity to buy goods from Sears with a huge rebate.

Discover Extra Cash Back extracbb

However the 10% cashback via Discover Deals end 6/21. After that it will drop I presume to 5%. While that will still mean a potential 20%, I think 40% is nicer. There is some chance that the 10% will come back, but then again with the double your cashback promotion running they may sit this one out.

At the very least this may be a good time to stock up on Sears gift cards. You are going to get a 20% rebate on those, and you should then be able to get at least a 10% rebate when redeeming them if you use them for online purchases.

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  • Boon

    “After that it will drop I presume to 5%. While that will still mean a potential 20%, I think 40% is nicer.”
    Give that man a Nobel, he’s a genius,

  • JEM

    Just a reminder that the DiscoverIT double your cash back promotion doesn’t kick in until the statement date after you register – I registered on the first day, but my statement date isn’t until the 24th, so no 40% for me…

    • Very true though some have argued that because the extra cash back take about 4-8 weeks to actually post it would post inside your window. But who knows if that will hold true. Anyway all academic now Sears is currently completely removed from Discover Deals

  • R.

    Sears disappeared completely from the portal. Even before 6/21 ended.

    • Yes I think they pulled it as early as they thought they could get away with. The language “ending 6/21/15” was ambiguous enough for them to pull it