Well a blog has to start somewhere. So to begin this one I will keep it quite simple. I love to travel, and I love to travel in style. And I love to do both when I can get a real deal. Miles and points have given me so many opportunities to have some amazing trips in real style, and I plan to share as best I can the knowledge I have built up over the years to help you do the same. I am avid reader and participant on many of the existing blogs and forums, and learned a lot of what I know today from places like FlyerTalk.com, yet I am constantly amazed how outside that world, in the real world of regular people I deal with, how ill-informed most people are on how they can use miles, points or even their cash for travel. Most  people seem either too skeptical, find it too confusing or too much hassle, or think that there is some kind of catch. So I just hope to add to the education so that more and more the average person can travel in style without a millionaire budget!

I plan to add trip reports not just to show off some of the great trips we’ve had, but to show you what can really be achieved. Frankly I also just enjoy reading other people’s trip reports, so I hope to reciprocate. At first I will be putting in some older trip reports covering some highlights over the past couple of years. Interestingly some of these will cover opportunities that have since vanished, such as Air Seychelles between Paris and Seychelles, so it just shows that the world of opportunity is constantly changing and evolving. But in general I find as one door closes, plenty of others open up.

I do plan to cover the world of credit cards, I appreciate this is a sensitive area as many bloggers earn a living from card referrals, but they are so integral to the ability to travel in style without breaking the bank then it is impossible not to include. I will do my utmost to keep my opinions real, unbiased and inform readers of all the best deals and opportunities I find.

I hope you enjoy reading, feel free to leave comments or get in touch, and I look forward to developing the blog