Hyatt Gold Passport just announced on this thread on FT their new award chart which goes into affect January 7th 2014:

Updated Chart

At first glance this is not as terrible as I had imagined it could be (and who is to say it won’t get worse again soon). There is no surprise to see a new Category 7 which will now be 30k per night. What does surprise me about the new category is that a) my beloved Park Hyatt Maldives is not on the list and b) the rather uninspiring Park Hyatt Beaver Creek is on the list. Category 6 goes up to 25k per night, so I still have no doubt that for now the Park Hyatt Maldives remains the singular most valuable hotel redemption across any program anywhere. The rest of the adjustments look minor, some good (Abu Dhabi Capital Gate goes down from 5 to 4), some bad (Andaz West Hollywood goes up from 4 to 5). It’s sad but no surprise to see the New York properties at 48 Lex and Union Square go up to Category 6.

A bigger devaluation is the use of points to upgrade to suites, the cost of which has gone up substantially. But to be honest, I just prefer to use points for free rooms anyway, so this was never big on my list.

And of course between United devaluing substantially, and now this from Hyatt, the value of Chase Ultimate Rewards has gone down a lot over the past couple of weeks. I am sure that won’t stop many in the blogging community from pumping the cards ad nasuem, in fact it will be a great opportunity to tell people to get them NOW while you can still get the good rates. Nonsense of course.

But overall, definitely not as bad as it could have been.

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  • ABC

    I thought u liked to stay in overwater bungalow (Maldives). Isn’t upgrade needed for that?

    • MilesAbound

      Actually no if you see from my reports I actually prefer the land-based villas. But you could only ever stay in the over water villas using cash upgrades, so no change there.

  • jy3

    If you were looking at a 2015 trip with plenty of time to plan out points/miles would you book the hyatt over the conrad in the maldives?

    • MilesAbound

      Hard for me to answer that given I have not yet stayed at the Conrad. But based purely on the number of points required I would say the Park Hyatt is the clear winner. Under the new award chart at 25k points per night it remains a great bargain, and the new cash & Points option of just 12,500 plus $150 a night looks awesome. We have a trip booked to the Conrad in late March/early April and upon return I shall make a full comparison