We just got back off of a really fun weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC. Yes I appreciate that is not as glamorous as the many wild trips people write up on in the travel blog arena but it was a lot of fun and besides we stayed at what I have to say is the most amazing Hampton Inn I have ever seen (yes I know the glam keeps on rising!) The only other time we’ve stayed at a Hampton Inn was off of a highway in the hometown of the Office TV show – Scranton, PA! So my expectations were blown away. I will post a full review soon.

Then on Saturday night I caught wind of the fact that Singapore Airlines were mistakenly releasing tonnes of first class award availability to partner airlines, something they are notoriously stingy with. The full glorious details are in this thread: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/united-mileageplus-consolidated/1364187-quick-heads-up-sq-releasing-almost-all-f-award-o.html. I did not jump on it right away as I did not have a big pile of miles with any partner, but by Sunday morning temptation got the better of me and we transferred enough Chase Ultimate Rewards points to United to book my wife and I one way to the Maldives, flying RDU-SFO-ICN-SIN-MLE. The first leg is United’s new direct San Fran flight, and then it is Singapore Airlines first class to Singapore via Seoul and then business on to Male. Much as we love the Maldives we can’t stay there forever so I used some of my huge stash of American Airlines points to book the return on Etihad in first class. I am really pumped about the trip, Maldives is such an incredible place and getting to and from in such style will make for a great vacation without blowing the bank. This will also be my first future round the world flight!

Around the world in style!

I’m actually planning another trip for the whole family this time to the Maldives next spring break and I will detail on here how that can be done for less money than a very typical middle-class America spring break trip to somewhere like Cancun, Florida or Nassau. So keep an eye out for that one. I am working on the optimal use of miles to put that together.

I will also shortly be publishing the first of my destination guides which will be the on the Maldives. The guides will focus on how to get and stay places using miles and points and I hope will be a useful resource for folks looking to maximize their award balances.

  • David F

    Greetings from RDU / FlyerTalk. Looking forward to following your blog and perhaps meeting sometime. A few of us in Raleigh meeting every quarter or so to discuss mile schemes, etc and we’d be happy to have you join us. Take care!

  • MilesAbound

    Thanks David F, I would love to join. I will send you an email offline to give you my contact info.

  • Rookie10

    Another RDU/flyer talk member. Would also be interested in a meet up!