Well not only is it a new month but it’s a Friday too! How awesome is that? Remember folks that means it’s Fuck First Friday day! Yes today is the day to make sure you maximize any 5x cards across bank issuers and really put our collective middle fingers up to the banks and their legion of whoring pimps. BTW this month’s Whore of the Month winner is Gary Leff for his shitty post comparing Citi and Chase 3x on dining options, which is just an excuse for him to pump out affiliate links for both cards, rather than actually talk about how stupid the benefit is and how you can get 5x on pretty much everything in the world via gift cards. But maybe that is not so compatible with the “any bank” that these guys all mention in their ever elongating disclosures. Literally any blogger that posts about this benefit without the high degree of satire witnessed here is only interested in you as a Conversion and does not give a shit about whether you travel well or anything else about you. Pick your own poisons….



So other things that you can enjoy today are:

  • A new month for Amazon Payments. OMG what was all that fuss about TPG posting about this? Next thing you know people will get up in arms because he posts “human beings require oxygen to breathe, freely available everywhere”. Is there absolutely anybody at all on the planet left that does not know about Amazon Payments? All I can say is thanks Bezos for the ride, I know it will end some day but it’s good fun
  • Bluebird reloads. Thank you Amex for this one! Another one that every man and his dog knows about and of course at some point Amex will decide they’ve spent enough money on it and will close things down, but in the meantime this continues to be an easy way to liquidate debit cards either real or of the gift variety
  • Go to Staples and dump 20 ink cartridges on them for $40. Christmas shopping is always so much easier when you can go to Staples with a bunch of rewards to buy Kindles, iPads, Chromebooks etc
  • Come Five’o’clock find somewhere to have a cocktail

Tonight’s drinks will be bitter-sweet however with the news that the wonderful TD Bank Visa Buxx is no longer allowing non-TD-Bank credit cards as funding sources after September 3rd. Man I have loved this card and used it to meet min spend on a big bunch of Citi AA Exec cards. It’s the perfect loop – you load the card with the Citi card and then immediately call up Citi and pay off the card using the TD Buxx as a debit card. Net cost $1 per $1,000. Oh well another one bites the dust. There are still some Buxx options out there but they are not getting any easier. Time to start looking for the next stupid banking product!

Happy Friday 🙂

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  • Paul

    Most pimps forgot about 5x Friday in the rush to pimp the UA card with the AMAZING!! bonus offer. Hurry!!! Click my link NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about TD Buxx. Most of us couldn’t get the card though, thus surprised they are killing ability to load with non-TD cards.

    BB might last longer as many are too lazy to go to WM and load (vs using VRs). And my local WMs will now only load cards with your name on them, so all those with fistful of BBs trying to load with $200 Staples vgcs are finding it difficult. Still see occasional person trying to use OV – you know they won’t be in (he game for long when get stuck with thousands of hard to cashout cards.

    • MilesAbound

      Ah I took a quick gander on BoardingArea before posting and MommyPoints was the other whore who took it upon herself to remind us of this shit.

      The TD Buxx have been awesome. I have four of them so $8k of very easy spend per month. Folks were getting like 18 of them though and maxing out so must have hurt them

      I hear you on Bluebird. I use it with SunnyTruss DL card now, just $10k per month but easy stuff to do

      • ABC

        I feel dirty after visiting BoardingArea. Similar to the feeling you have after visiting the red light district in Hamburg.

        • MilesAbound

          It’s like a train crash. Every now and then you just have to glance, but then you feel bad about yourself for even looking.

  • Julian

    Fun post… Happy Friday! I missed the train on TD buxx. I have been getting lazy on the MS front. That one sounds like it would have been easy enough even for me to get into!

  • As every deal killer will tell you “Dont worry another deal is right around the corner”. However what happens when the deal finders dont publicize the deals anymore? Surely you wont take your MS advice from the “expert” bloggers will you?


    CONGRATULATIONS GARY LEFF, this award is well deserved and long overdue!!!!