It’s been a while since I wrote about opportunities to earn some extra cash back with Discover. But I was just thinking about it recently and figured I would check my accounts and see if there was anything on offer.

Discover Credit Card Extra Cash Bank

You can see if you are eligible for any extra cash back earning opportunities by using the link That will direct you to a page to log in to your account and it will either give you the offer you were targeted for or noting if you are not so lucky. I control three discover credit card accounts and had an offer on one of them. Some sleuthing around the web shows some other offers available:

  • Extra $200 cash back for $1,500 spend per month between 5/1/2015 and 9/30/2015 (5 months) makes for an effective 3.67% cash back ($275) on $7,500 spend
  • Extra $150 cash back for $1,000 spend per month between 5/1/2015 and 9/30/2015 (5 months) makes for an effective 4% cash back ($200) on $5,000 spend
  • Extra $75 cash back for making $1,000 spend makes for an effective 8.5% cash back ($85) on $1,000 spend

All of the above assume you are spending at an earning rate of 1% cash back. If you can make some of that spend in Discover’s quarterly 5% cash back categories you may fare significantly better.

Discover Extra Cash Back extracbb

I value Discover cash back very highly as they can be redeemed at effectively double face value for some car rental programs, in particular National car. So having this will be nice (my one card got the $200 offer which is the lowest percentage earner but the highest absolute dollars earner I have seen – the other cards got rocks)

Discover Debit Card $0.20 Cash Back Per Transaction

If you have a Discover checking account (I do – signed up a while back for an easy bonus) you can always get $0.10 cash back per transaction up to 10 transactions a month. However from May 1st – July 31st (i.e. three months) they are doubling that to $0.20 per transaction.

Discover Debit Card 2x

Now hey this is definitely not as awesome as the legendary Banana Republic deal which gave uncapped $2 per transaction for two months (and they ran it twice – God bless them!) But it is definitely better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick and will add up to $60 cash back which as I note above is effectively worth $120 in National car rental certificates. Key is being able to find somewhere that allows small transactions. I will go back to paying my water bill one cent at a time so as to fully maximize this.

I’m guessing some of you may find this too time consuming for the reward, but hey a deal is a deal….

Bottom Line

I really love the Discover cards and checking accounts… bonuses galore, great cash back opportunities and the ability to lever up the returns with some of the redemptions. Be sure to periodically check to see if you have any goodies lined up for you.

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  • Sometimes I hate Discover like now when they don’t target me for an offer. Then they give me all this cashback and I love them all over again

    • Yeah you need to have the luck of the “targeted” draw… keep checking it periodically, something nice will pop up eventually!

      That’s one reason I got two cards, I figured random differences in spend pattern on each might lead to getting in on nice deals

      • That’s what I keep forgetting to do is to keep checking

        I’ll have to bookmark the link you posted.

    • Russ

      Try not using your card for a while, or only banging out the 5% items in one go each quarter. They tend to target me more when I’m not really using the card

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  • Carl Christensen

    As a datapoint – I received an *emailed* offer from Discover back in January for $500 CB for spending 3k per month for 6 months. I have completed 3 of the six months.