I received an offer in the mail yesterday for $75 in cash back for making just $1,000 in spend on my Discover card. These offers are usually targeted, though in my case I received the mailer for both my wife and I. You can see if you qualify by logging on at www.discover.com/MyOffers.


Of course making a mere $1k in spend for any readers of this blog is likely to be a very simple task. Maybe a single month of Amazon Payments for one account, for example. I do love these extra cash back offers from Discover, it let’s you build up a healthy balance that can be stretched even further by some of the discounted redemption offers.

Hope you get a similar or better offer!

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  • am I doing something wrong? I get:

    “Get a little extra something just for making Discover your card of choice.

    Sorry, there are no special offers available right now.

    But there are other ways to earn rewards with our exclusive online partner retail site ShopDiscover.

    Go to ShopDiscover”

    • MilesAbound

      Just classic YMMV. Obviously was a targeted offer. Oddly though both me and missus got the letter but logging into her account gave same result you got. So I will call in for her. Maybe you can try the same. say you got letter but giving you this error?

  • Noorts

    I received an offer in the mail yesterday offering 3% additional cash back on all purchases through November 30, 2014. I haven’t used my Discover card in over 6 months.

  • Eric

    I received the same offer from Discover. I’m guessing it was their way of getting me to use the card, I had not used it in almost a year. I hit the $1000 mark in three weeks, so waiting to see how long it takes to get the $75. I will use points from various cards to pay for Christmas gifts this year, which I have done for the last four years. No sense in running up credit card debt when you can basically shop for free.

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