Several weeks ago I wrote about a 60k sign up bonus for the Citibank Executive AAdvantage credit card, with a $450 annual fee not waived for the first year. I thought that was a decent deal at the time, not suitable for everybody but good for those of us who have run out of other options. Since then we have seen a 75k offer come along (I did not write about that as I knew there was a better offer lurking around), and we have learned that access to the AA Admirals Club will be lost soon to Amex Platinum cardholders.

Well finally the good folks in this flyer community have dug it out and there is now a 100k sign up offer that also includes $200 statement credits to offset the annual fee along with membership of the AA Admirals Club. I normally shake my head when I see the “amazing deal” alerts out there, but in my opinion, this is genuinely – at the very least – a very good deal. Without any doubt it is better than say a free sign up of say 80k IHG points (inside baseball joke)

Application Link

Citi AA 100k Application Landing Page

100,000 bonus AA miles after spending $10,000 within 3 months of account opening

Card Q&A

Q: Can I get this card if I already have a regular Citi AA card?
A: Yes, it has been confirmed that you can get this card and the sign up bonus if you have the regular Citi AA cards

Q: Can I get this card if I already have had this card before?
A: At some point yes, but I don’t know exactly when. There have been no reported attempts at churning this card. For a 100k sign-up, I personally would risk an inquiry on this

Q: How do I get the $200 statement credits?
A: Looking at the terms & conditions, as long as you spend $200 on anything, you will get $200 back in statement credits

Q: Can I get the card, meet the minimum spend, get the bonus miles and the statement credits, and then cancel the card?
A: I have seen one report of success with this. Do at your own risk. You won’t read about this on any blog that Citi pays money to!!!

Q: How on earth do I spend $10k in 3 months?
A: Read this

Q: Are you, MilesAbound, getting this card?
A: I am in the middle of a mortgage refi, and getting another mortgage on an investment property, and just did a 9 card app-o-rama that I am still dealing with reconsideration on. If this is still around in a few weeks I will be all in!

Q: Didn’t you just post something about getting a trip to Whistler for a family of four that meant getting TWO Citi AA cards?
A: Yes – using this deal, for $250 out of pocket you could get the miles with just one card. Or double up and take the whole family in business class!


This looks like Citibank trying to take advantage of pushing Amex out of the Admirals Club. I love it when the consumer benefits from good old competition! A great offer, and well worth considering for anyone looking for AA miles or pulling together an app-o-rama.

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  • [yawn]

    Pretty good, I suppose, but it’s no 80K IHG offer.

    • MilesAbound

      You are right. I could after all spend half a month at the Homewood Suites in Birmingham Alabama with that card. Awesome!

  • flyingcturtle

    Approved after calling in. Easier than I expected. Now I’m going to have to break my cherry and do some MS. Hoping one of the 2 CVS near me has VRs or I will have to come play in our area=)

    • MilesAbound

      Keep off my land 🙂 No seriously good luck… go easy to begin with, go through a couple of “full cycles” then go for it. Just like riding a bike! And congrats on the approval, this is a great offer

      • flyingcturtle

        Thanks. looks like I’ll be staying off your land. Have a gold mine here=) Confirmed what my CVS will allow me to do. Any issue with how often and how much in regards to the CC company?

        • MilesAbound

          Definitely YMMV. I think a lot depends on your historical spending patterns and your stated income. My advice is to build up a pattern rather than jumping straight in at the deep-end. Personally I’d be happy knocking out $10k Citi spend in two days, but if you don’t have the history I’d recommend doing it over a much longer period!

  • Carlos

    Do you know if its possible to cancel after the miles post and avoid the fee?

    • MilesAbound

      I have heard some reports of that being successful.