Amex $25 off $75 Amazon purchase – how to maximize


Via SlickDeals there is a great promo for $25 off $75 spend at Amazon using a promo-enrolled American Express.

Here are some key tips to maximize this promotion:

  • You DO NOT NEED A TWITTER ACCOUNT. You can find this in your regular login. Login to your accounts, click on the “Offers For You” tab below your account details and you should find it there.
  • You can only enroll one card PER Amex login. I manage all MY Amex accounts under one login and all my wife’s cards where she is the primary user under another login. If you really want to maximize the promo, remove all but one of your cards from each login profile and re-register them under a separate login.
  • Key tip: you can always create separate logins for authorized user cards. The login will only show the balance and transactions for that specific AU card. You will see the promo appear for the separate card. Doing this you can add the offer to the primary account via the main login, and then to each authorized user card via separate logins for each one.
  • Never mind the above, just register each card here: Hat-tip to the great Gary Leff for posting this on FacebookUpdate: the direct link has now expired. For now you can still use Twitter or the method posted above. 
  • The offer does work for gift cards, but does not work for Amazon Prime membership
  • You should get an email after you enroll the card in the promo and then use it to make a $75+ purchase

The online enrollment should like this (and there is another decent deal shown too!):


I just used the promo on 5 cards and got emails on 4 of them. I can’t quite work out why the 5th didn’t send the email but everything was registered correctly so I am pretty sure it will all work out in the end. Just before Christmas, this is an awesome way to get 33% off of a good chunk of spending at Amazon. Amazon has excellent customer service and a generous return policy, so I do not mind making purchases with gift cards where the consumer protections may not be as good as they are when buying with a credit card.


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  • smay

    Instead of creating separate logins you can simply open several tabs on the same login and navigate to the “offers for you” tab for each separate card. Once all tabs are open and each card shows the offer you can “save” the offer on every card you have. If you save the offer on any one card before opening all tabs the offers will disappear.