Spring Break in Maldives – Part 6: Conrad Water Villa Review

So after not being overly impressed with the base Beach Villa we decided to upgrade to the Water Villa. This was not cheap as we were there in peak season and so ended up paying $392 a night for this, so just shy of $2k for five nights. However I will say that it was money very well spent! Our island host took a lot of time to actually show us all the various different room types and while I was sorely tempted to splash some big dollars on the spectacular Family Water Villa, the “base” Water Villa turned out to be absolutely perfect.

The water villas are arranged in clusters of three so in theory you can end up with a “middle seat” villa here too but this time we got one on the end so just a neighbor on one side (who happened to be some other very pleasant FlyerTalkers!). Despite having a neighbor on one side it felt very private with excellent privacy screening, and with our villa looking out to the Indian Ocean you felt like you were the only one there.

Starting with the room, again it was very tastefully decorated, and they did a great job of setting up extra beds for our kiddos

Master bed with extra bed for one kid

Nice seating area

The desk area was just fabulous with a glass desk and glass bottom so you could see the turquoise water below

That’s my kinda desk

TV, which we used about zero times

And then of course we were ecstatic to have an air conditioned bathroom! Oh for the simple pleasures in life…

Tub overlooking the water


No toilet cubicle pic for this post (sorry Ramsey!) but instead here is a pic of the view from said toilet – pretty darn nice in my book! This shows the entrance to “cluster” of three villas from the small island (the resort is split across two islands)

View From The Toilet

Maybe I should rename this blog View From The Toilet? :)

Saving the best for last, the real joy of the villa is the patio overlooking the Indian Ocean. I actually found the “standard” Water Villa had the best deck because it has a regular plunge pool instead of a jacuzzi. The plunge pool had jets for a bubbly affect and was also big and deep enough to sit in and clean off the salt water after getting back from the sea.

Privacy screened deck with plunge pool

Nice plunge pool

Seating area with steps leading down to the Indian Ocean

The table and chairs were great too and we had a couple of evenings where we ate on the deck under the stars. It really was absolutely beautiful!

There is not that much to see in the sea itself, at least around our villa. There were a couple of small clumps of coral with some fish but there was no real snorkeling to be done. But still it was nice to just chill on the deck and take in the sight. And I did get a couple of shots of the villa and the neighboring ones from the sea looking back:

View From The Sea (there is a theme here…)

Panorama of the suites

The Water Villa were, in our opinion, a huge step up from the Beach Villa and made a world of difference to the vacation. One certainly has to take the cost of upgrade into account but I would highly recommend anyone coming here to look into the Water Villa option.

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